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About Young Sports

Young Sports introduces children to the basic skills of 9 major sports and an understanding of how to play them. An emphasis on having fun is an integral part of our lesson plan.

Children acquire not only a basic knowledge of the 9 sports but at the same time are learning the essential developmental motor skills such as throwing, passing, catching, kicking, balancing, twisting, etc.

By learning the skills needed to play so many different sports at an early age Young Sports children have a head start to a healthy lifestyle!


How does it work?

What Young Sports can do for your child

Development of the Young Sports program

Young Sports was created in 2005. The founder of Young Sports has drawn on successful coaching techniques developed over many years as a professional coach. Our coaching method involves well structured lessons where skills are broken down in such a way that they are clearly understood and easily acquired. This exciting learning environment enables children to feel successful and introduces them to the joy of sport!

Young Sports is a dynamic program where we take professional integrity very seriously and as such are constantly updating our skills with the latest research available. This ensures the Young Sports program will always provide your child with an exciting, valuable and up to date learning experience.


Young Sports Pty Ltd is fully insured for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.