Have fun and develop a desire to play sports

Young Sports was created in 2005. The founder of Young Sports has drawn on successful coaching techniques developed over many years as a professional coach. Our coaching method involves well structured lessons where skills are broken down in such a way that they are clearly understood and easily acquired. This exciting learning environment enables children to feel successful and introduces them to the joy of sport!

Young Sports is a dynamic program where we take professional integrity very seriously and as such are constantly updating our skills with the latest research available. This ensures the Young Sports program will always provide your child with an exciting, valuable and up to date learning experience.




Just as it is essential for a child to learn to read, write and perform arithmetic it is also essential for a child to have the opportunity to develop a healthy body with good motor skills.


Among the many advantages this produces is an enhanced ability to concentrate, the development of positive social skills and insurance against illness. Young Sports will start your child on the right path!



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